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Injextru Plastics has an experienced R & D team of engineers who can help and advise you from the beginning.

Starting from your concept their task consists in translating your ideas into an economically achievable and technically feasible profile; we also take into account the eventual parts involved with the profile in its application.

  1. To start with: the drawing of the profile: junction points, wall thickness, internal structures, weight, etc... are analysed in depth and checked towards the application field of your future profile.

  2. Next step: choosing the right raw material: dependent of inside or outside use of the profile, range of temperatures of the profile application, expected material strength dependent of forces to which the profile will be submitted.

  3. Finally: the packaging: the most economical and suitable packaging in order to avoid deformation and keep the logistic costs as low as possible.
When all these aspects on R & D level are cleared, our team can start working on the tool concept and draw the right extrusion die and calibre (the 2 main components of an extrusion mould).

Heeft u een uitdaging voor ons?
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Heeft u een uitdaging voor ons?
Wij helpen u graag!