All our profiles are the result of a close collaboration between you and our specialists. We involve you in every step of the process to ensure we always meet your requirements.

Our specialists are there for you

Our people are specialists. They are passionate and driven, always ready to rise to a challenge and they always put the customer at the centre of everything they do.

The whole production process is in house: from design to finish, from test run to mass production. We have everything under control. Many projects require special tools, which is why we are able to design, develop and manufacture dies and other tools in house.

Plastic extrusion profiles

The process
from idea to product

All our plastic profiles are specially designed for your application. They are exclusively produced in-house from high-quality plastics, perfectly finished.

1. Start-up & screening

1. Start-up & screening

After first contact by email or phone, we invite you to an in-person meeting to discuss your project. We focus on co-creation.

2. Plan & quote

2. Plan & quote

We will issue an initial proposal and quote once we have a clear understanding of your project, and we are sure we can help you

3. Developing the tools

3. Developing the tools

After the quote and the profile design are approved, we start developing your tools.

4. Test & first run

4. Test & first run

Before finalising the tool, we conduct a try-out and check the precision of all the measurements and functions.

5. Production & logistics

5. Production & logistics

Our thorough approach and in-house logistics ensure we always deliver a perfect product – the start of a long-term partnership.

Our projects

Our products are custom cocreated with the customer. That’s the only way we can ensure the end product is exactly right. This approach pays off, as shown by a selection of our projects.

injextru showroom plastic profiles
The challenges01 / 03

Flexible doors

for industry

For a specialist in industrial access systems, we developed a profile to fit into a new flexible door design. The customer had no experience in plastic extrusion. The project launch was preceded by a rigorous intake process. This gave us insight into the customer’s goals and production environment.

Based on this input we proposed a coextruded profile in the right shape and materials. We started production after completing all checks and tests, including those at the customer. The profiles were delivered within the agreed timeframe. As a result, the customer was able to launch production of the doors on schedule and complete the first projects as planned. An additional plus of this profile is that it is extruded from recycled material.

- French customer

injextru showroom plastic profiles
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Innovative sunshades

made to order

We developed extrusion profiles as part of a new product for a manufacturer of sunshade systems. Although existing systems were available, the customer opted for a custom-made solution. Our methodical cocreation approach and know-how were the decisive factors. The customer was fully involved in the decision-making and was very pleased with the result. Our teams went that extra mile to ensure we delivered everything within the agreed term.

- Belgian customer

injextru showroom plastic profiles
The challenges03 / 03

Bed manufacturer

trusts in quality

We have been developing and manufacturing custom plastic profiles for a leading bed manufacturer for many years. The high-quality of our products enabled the customer to produce high-end beds. It ensures users a good night’s sleep, something we are very proud of!

- Dutch customer

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