We actively pursue efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Sustainability is embedded in all activities throughout our organisation.

Optimal use of materials

We run a highly efficient production process, utilizing no less than 99 percent of materials. We also recycle flawed products into materials for immediately reuse and we buy in recycled materials. For new projects or applications, we advise customers to use recycled material wherever possible.  

As a result of these efforts, over 20% of our products are now made with recycled materials. 

Warehouse raw materials

Solar panels on our company building

In 2023, we installed 3,000 solar panels on our company buildings. The solar panels have a total installed capacity of 1,685 kWp. This investment in green energy enables us to significantly reduce our ecological footprint. We can immediately utilize 60% of the generated energy in our production processes. This allows us to take control of a part of our energy supply and actively contribute to a greener future.

solar panels company building Injextru Plastics

Efficient energy consumption

For our offices, we switched from a gas burner to a heat pump in 2021. This reduced our gas consumption significantly.

The municipality of Tielt is conducting a study into the potential of exchanging residual heat between local manufacturing companies. Read more about this project on the DOEN website.

Proud to achieve a silver Ecovadis medal

August 2023 marked our achievement of a silver medal from Ecovadis, placing us among the top-performing companies in our industry. Ecovadis, an organization that evaluates businesses worldwide, recognizes our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This recognition inspires us to continue our efforts as we work together toward a sustainable future. Interested in learning more about Ecovadis? Explore it in our blog post.

Silver Ecovaids medal for Injextru Plastics

Smart water consumption

We reuse the water for our production lines several times over thanks to an innovative filtering system. 

The industrial site where we are located, Tielt North, also contributes where possible. The site’s website provides more information on its project to reduce consumption of tap water and pumped groundwater. Tielt North has also set itself the goal of increasing local infiltration and encouraging the consumption of rainwater. 

We use taps with filtered drinking water in both canteens. Every employee is given a reusable bottle, enabling us to end the use of disposable bottles on our site. 

Reusable packaging

We invest in reusable packaging and steel racking. We also reuse pallets, which earns us the PRS Green Label every year. It proves we are reducing our carbon footprint and our packaging waste. It also shows that we use pallets made from sustainable PEFC and FCS certified sources. See the PRS website for more information about this certificate.

PRS Green Label certificate Injextru Plastics

Other efforts

  • We combine deliveries as efficiently as possible to minimise the number of journeys. 
  • Our invoicing is fully digitised.
  • We prefer digital information wherever possible.
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