Our intensive development process ensures that we can offer you the quality you need. Our processes are designed to respond to customer and product-specific requirements in a flexible way and deliver the highest quality every single time.

Production process

Our entire production process is set up in house. This means we can measure quality every step of the way to ensure the end product meets all the customer’s specifications. We work exclusively with certified material suppliers and our high-grade machinery allows us to guarantee the constant quality of the end product.

Extrusion is a specialist process that requires know-how and experience to ensure it runs smoothly. We organize regular trainings for our people and challenge them to maximize their potential.

We also invest heavily in the digitization of our production environment. We take online and offline measurements to monitor process stability, so we always know immediately when we need to make adjustments. We can confirm this by means of measurement reports.

Production hall Injextru Plastics

Measurement system

We use the Ascona measurement system. An advanced system that replaces traditional measurement instruments such as callipers and classic profile projectors. Thanks to this system, tasks that normally take 10 minutes can now be completed in just a few seconds. Another crucial aspect is the consistent accuracy of the measurement results, regardless of the operator’s experience. This ensures objective measurements, which are crucial for maintaining the quality of our products.

Contact us to explore how the Ascona measurement system elevates our plastic profiles to a higher level.


Our process engineering department is responsible for the continual improvement of the production flow. The adjustments they make are based on our measurement reports hereby increasing process stability and consistency.

ISO 9001

Our constant care and concern for quality has been recognized with ISO 9001 certification since September 1994.

ISO 9001 certification