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For answers to any questions you may have about extrusion, see our engineering corner.


Our intensive development process ensures that we can offer you the quality you need. Our processes are designed to respond to customer and product-specific requirements in a flexible way. Check out how we keep our quality top-notch.

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We actively pursue efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Sustainability is embedded in all activities throughout our organisation. Find out more.

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Many different types of materials are used to extrude plastic profiles. As we process the most commonly used plastics, we are able to choose the one that suits best to your needs. We run through the most commonly used materials here.

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Extrusion is the process in which plastic profiles are made. Would you like to know what an extrusion line looks like and what the various steps in the process are? Find out here.

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Design parameters

Extruding plastic is a complex process that demands solid knowhow and experience. A number of design parameters must be met to create a qualitative profile. View them here.

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Tooling department

We have our own tooling department. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to produce, maintain and optimize the tools in house. Read more about our tooling department.

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