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Nothing looks more like a profile than another profile. Yet this is not true. 

Every profile is different, nothing is standard. Backed up with over 75 years of technical experience, Injextru Plastics is well prepared to take on every challenge. The starting point of a journey from design & development on to the finished product. Your profile!

The mission of Injextru Plastics, is to excel in the development and making of extruded plastic profiles. Every step from the product development up to the production of it, is monitored in close cooperation with the customer and our team of specialists. By keeping all necessary steps in-house, from design, toolmaking, lab testing up to production, Injextru Plastics can assure a complete follow-up of your project.

Custom made: our speciality for your specific demands.

We are the specialist when it concerns custom made plastic profiles. All the profiles of our range are the result of a close cooperation between your specialists and ours. Involving our customers from draft till final product is the only way to satisfy their specific demands.

All our colleagues, 100 people in total, are committed and skilled craftsmen, they consider each request as a mission and a challenge to take up. Each of them is well aware that the customer deserves the highest ranking in our corporate culture.

Each step of the process is achieved in-house: from draft till finishing, from trial till industrial production. Our total production surface is 21.000 m². Each project has its particularity, requiring specific moulds. Through years of experience, Injextru Plastics became an expert in developing and constructing these moulds in our plant.

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