No limits. Nothing looks more like a profile than another profile. Yet this is not true.  Every profile is different, nothing is standard. Backed up with over 75 years of technical experience, we are well prepared to take on every challenge. The starting point of a journey from design & development on to the finished product: your profile!

Our mission is to excel in the development and making of extruded plastic profiles. Every step from the product development up to the production of it, is monitored in close cooperation with the customer and our team of specialists. By keeping all necessary steps in-house, from design, toolmaking, lab testing up to production, we can assure a complete follow-up of your project.


Injextru Plastics started its plastic extrusion unit in Tielt, Belgium in 1947, backed up by its sense of initiative, daring and belief in its own ability.

1947: Injextru Plastics was founded. Extrusion of tubes, flexible hoses, ball-pens, skipping ropes, etc, ...

50's: First step in the automotive industry with special developed profiles. Another successful development was the extrusion of weather strips for windows.

60's: Further expansion of production facilities, to catch up with a new development, the hula-hoop rage!

70's: Injextru Plastics is focusing more and more onto technical profiles for automotive- and electrical industry. Also garden furniture parts are extruded at this stage.

80's: Injextru Plastics switches from the extrusion of consumer goods, towards industrial profiles. Customers are more involved in development.

90's: The tooling department is equipped with high-tech CAD/CAM technology in order to meet with stricter specifications required by customers.

1996: Injextru Plastics is taken over by Iplast Holding, Waregem. The start of a new era. Investments in new machinery and software systems follow very soon.


2000: A totally new establishment is completed, Injextru Plastics moved, a major capacity increase was setup. Injextru Plastics is ready to face the 21st century.

2006: By the end of 2006, Injextru Plastics inaugurates the new extension of the production hall and doubles the surface of the establishment.

2012: Expansion of our warehouse for finished goods with 4.500 m². The total surface of our plant is now 21.000 m².

2016: Implementation of an ERP system. With this system we improve our business processes. It makes it easier to keep record of our customers and suppliers data.

2019: Injextru Plastics continues to grow. For the first time in history we achieve a turnover of more than 20 million euros.

2022: We celebrate our 75th anniversary. The same year our production facility is expanded with 3 new production lines.

Injextru Plastics is ready to face the future, your future!


Injextru Plastics has an extended machine range of 45 extrusion and co-extrusion lines.

As a specialist of custom made plastic profiles this diversity is a must in order to offer a solution for any enquiry. Our machine range is equipped in such a way that we can extrude all thermoplastic materials: PVC, PMMA, PC, ABS, ASA, PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE, PPO, TPE,... We also have the possibility to extrude WPC (Wood Plastic Composite).

Our production is running in 3 shifts, 5 days a week and around the clock.

Our extrusion lines are equipped with peripheral appliances allowing us to fulfil on-line operations such as:

  • co- and tri- extrusion: profiles made of different raw materials
  • printing: profiles with customer's logo or production date for traceability
  • coating of profiles with decorative film, tape, hook and loop fasteners or protective film for scratch sensitive profiles
  • punching and/or milling in programmable patterns
  • leather skin structure
  • sawing under an angle of 45°

Next to above mentioned on-line operations, we have a finishing department for operations that are not possible while extruding:

  • removing sawing burrs
  • anti-static dipping of profiles
  • high precision length cutting
  • special punching patterns
  • welding of profiles


At Injextru Plastics, product quality is decisive - our quality standards are clearly and well-defined procedures on the road to a perfectly finished product.

We have lab facilities available, allowing to execute all necessary quality approval tests, leading to a proper based product quality management.

Due to its continuous care and attention to the quality of its finished products, We have been ISO 9001 certified since September 1994.

Furthermore, well-trained technical engineers guarantee quality consistency.


We have our own trucks. These are used for deliveries within a radius of 250 km. For further destinations we can organize transport with specialized companies for clients who wish so.

Profiles are mainly ordered in lengths of 3 m, 6 m or longer, this is why we are using adapted metal racks. As soon as they are free again, we collect these empty racks at our customers premises. This is the reason why we are limiting our distance range for own transport to 250 km. For further destinations we make wooden pallets or crates, these are considered as one-way packaging and do not need to be collected. By doing so we are saving a lot of logistic costs.

We also have the possibility to make crates according to the customers demands in one-way or returnable version. Next to that we also offer the possibility of fumigated wooden packaging for overseas destinations that are requiring this. 

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