Development process

from idea to product

1. Project launch & screening

After first contact by email or phone, we invite you for a personal meeting. Our focus is cocreation, which means we involve you from the very beginning of the development process. During your visit you have the opportunity to find out more about our company and how we work.

Our R&D and sales teams review your concept and discuss how best to realize it. They have an eye for detail and are passionate about developing the solution that best fits your needs: 

  • Which properties does your profile need to have (UV resistance, impact resistance, visual appearance)?
  • Which materials are the most suitable for your profile?
  • How do we ensure your profile can be extruded?
  • What is the most cost-efficient solution?
  • What packaging is needed?

Our experts draw on their know-how and conduct additional research to design the product that ticks all your boxes.

Injextru Plastics building

2. Final plan & quote

We will provide an initial plan and quote once we have a clear understanding of your project.

As we make your plastic extrusion profiles to order, our quote includes the price of the tooling and the price of profile production. In doing so, we take into account such factors as product complexity, packaging, lead timevolume etc.


R&D team plastic extrusion company

3. Developing the tools

After the quote and the profile design are approved, we start manufacturing the tools. Tools are specially designed just for you. We store them in a fireproof room, keep them maintained and use them to manufacture your profiles.

Explore our tool department

Tooling department plastic extrusion

4. Test & first run

When the tool enters the final phase, it is given a first try out. Checks are run on various aspects, including dimensions and functionality. If anything does not come up to scratch, we take a step back, make adjustments to the tool and resume testing. If the tool comes through the test with flying colours, we send you the samples for approval.

Once you approve the samples, we switch our entire focus to the initial production run. Based on your feedback after we deliver the initial run, we eventually return to the testing phase to iron out any concerns.

Image production plastic profile extrusion

5. Production & logistics

Our approach is rooted in a desire to deliver an end product that meets all your specifications at all times. That is the cornerstone of a long-term partnership.

We have a fleet of trucks to deliver our profiles to you. We deliver to addresses within a radius of 250km from our site. If you need us to deliver further afield, we can arrange transport with specialized firms.

Properly storing your plastic profiles is essential to maintain their optimal condition and performance. Read more about storing your plastic profiles.

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