Injextru Plastics has its own trucks. These are used for deliveries within a radius of 250 Km.
For further destinations Injextru Plastics can organize transport with specialized companies for clients who wish so.
Profiles are mainly ordered in lengths of 3 m, 6 m or longer, this is why we are using adapted metal racks. After a while, when they become free, we collect these empty racks at our customers premises. This is the reason why we are limiting our distance range for own transport to 250 Km. For further destinations we are making wooden pallets or crates, these are considered as one-way packaging and, once empty, do not need to be collected. By doing so we are saving a lot of logistic costs. We also have the possibility to make crates suiting the customers demands in one-way or returnable version.
Injextru Plastics also offers the possibility of fumigated wooden packaging for overseas destinations that are requiring this.