Injextru Plastics started its extrusion unit in Tielt, Belgium in 1947, backed up by its sense of initiative, daring and belief in its own ability.

1947: Injextru Plastics was founded. Extrusion of tubes, flexible hoses, ball-pens, skipping ropes, etc, ...50's: First step in the automotive industry with special developed profiles. Another successful development was the extrusion of weather strips for windows.

60's: Further expansion of production facilities, to catch up with a new development, the hula-hoop rage!

70's: Injextru Plastics is focusing more and more onto technical profiles for automotive- and electrical industry. Also garden furniture parts are extruded at this stage.

80's: Injextru Plastics switches from the extrusion of consumer goods, towards industrial profiles. At Injextru Plastics, customers are being more and more involved in development.

90's: The tooling department is equipped with high-tech CAD_CAM technology in order to meet with stricter specifications required by customers.

1996: Injextru Plastics is taken over by Iplast Holding, Waregem. The start of a new era. Investments in new machinery and software systems follow very soon.

2000: A totally new plant is completed, Injextru Plastics moved, a major capacity increase was setup. Injextru Plastics is ready to face the 21st century.

2006: By the end of 2006, Injextru Plastics inaugurates the new extension of the production hall and doubles the surface of the plant.

2012: Expansion of our warehouse for finished goods with 4.500² m. The total surface of our plant is now 21.000 ² m.

Injextru Plastics is at present in a position, ready to face the future, your future!